The USN Baton Rouge was an Apocalypse-class Frigate that was captained by Commander Harold Wang at the time of the Battle of Mars. On June 21, 2401, the Baton Rouge was hit by a plasma round in the fore, which completely obliterated its primary PT cannon. Just moments later it was intercepted by another round which nearly bisected it from stem to stern, cleaving it in half.

On June 25, the families of the crewmembers were sent Purple Hearts for "... giving their lives in the protection of freedom and the future of billions of lives, on June 21, 2401."

The Baton Rouge was laid down on December 19, 2399, launched on March 12, 2400 and underwent a three-month trial period (unlike the standard two-month long trial, because of a collision with a fellow frigate and the friendly-fire of half a dozen Culverin missiles) until finally being commissioned June 18, 2400. She participated in one skirmish with a pair of Rebel light destroyers on August 23, where she managed to destroy one and damage the other for the cost of her PT cannon (taking several direct hits from Sidewinder missiles), three-fourths of her Culverin missiles and overloading the engine reactors. Repairs took two months (due to the heavy repairs done to other ships during a major battle with Rebels just on the border of the Inner Asteroid belt) until fully being back into action on November 5. She was then sent to patrols around Earth and later Mars where she was subsequently destroyed.

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