USN Harbinger
Production Information

American Orbital Naval Shipyards

Product Line

Cruiser (successor of the Jupiter-class Battle Cruiser, 23rd century)


Endeavor-class "Super"-Cruiser


Unknown (estimated at 140 billion credits )

Technical Specifications

.9 kilometers


1.0 kilometers


2.8 kilometers

Drive Range

Able to travel 1,100 lightyears before resupply


None (Until 2405)


Heavily reinforced Titanium-grade armor plating (5 feet thick, next to 1.5 feet of durasteel alloy)

Navigation Systems

Navigational Officer or AI construct

  • Two Plasma-Tungsten high-velocity starship cannons
  • Thirty-five High Explosive Culverin Missile Pods (Five missiles each)
  • Five Concentrated Laser Beam Cannon Batteries (three cannons each)
  • One battalion of US Marines (1500 men)
  • Fourteen Swallow-class Infantry Shuttles
  • Twenty Vulture-class Figter-Interceptors
  • Fifteen Hawker-class Bombers
  • Two heavily-armed Turtle Shuttles
Docking Bays


Escape Craft
  • Sixteen at bridge
  • Eight at both starboard and port engines
  • Three at stern engine
  • Two underneath PT cannons

2,100 Naval personnel

Minimum Crew

50 Naval personnel minimum


Up to 1,500 Army/Marine personnel

Cargo Capacity

Able to carry 300 tons of extra army/marine ammunition, weapons, and vehicles


Able to carry enough food and water for a full crew and marine battalion for eight months


Cruiser, Anti-Capital Ship

OOC Information


The USN Harbinger was an Endeavor-class "Super"-Cruiser that served with the United States Navy and participated in all major battles in the beginning of the First War of Continuation, including the First Battle of Mars (June 21 2401), the First Battle of Earth (July 2 2401), the First and Second Battles of Ganymede (August 5 2401 & August 30 2401) and the First and Second Battles of PX-67/Vespene (September 19 2401 & October 24 2401). She was captained by High Captain Michael Dawson, a senior naval captain who served on the Court of Appeals. She harbored the 1st Marine Battalion, which fought during the Battles of Ganymede and PX-67 or Vespene. Both were among the few survivors of the nuclear detonation on Vespene on September 19, 2401.

Harbinger was laid down on August 15, 2397, launched on December 6, 2397, and underwent a two-month trial period until finally being commissioned on February 24, 2398. She fought in two minor skirmishes against Rebel ships in 2399 and 2400, until the Captain at that time was relieved. Michael Dawson received command of the Harbinger on April 13, 2400. She gained recognition for the pyyrhic victory at Mars on June 21 and it's destruction of the enemy flagship, as well as the destruction of two enemy carrier-sized starships above Earth on July 2 with a significantly limited armament (after severe damages to the superstructure and weapons after the Mars confrontation).

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