But as the three enemy cruisers approached the lone Sherman, a swarm of shapes and figures rushed from it's underbelly and rushed at the enemy ships. Trails of smoke and lines of red traced from the single ships toward the enemy cruisers, and then the thunderous applause from the Super Carrier followed as it's five PT cannons sounded off, along with forty Culverin missiles and a massive sea of laser cannons. This was a continuous cycle for a minute until all that remained of the enemy ships was a field of debris and superheated plates of the mysterious metal.
— An entry in High Captain Michael Dawson's journal, describing the destructive power of the USN Sherman during the Battle of Nitomia

The USN Sherman was one of three Super Carriers in the USN, commanded by High Admiral and overall commander of the USN, James Reynolds. The ship was somewhat present at the First Battle of Earth (July 2 2401) and the final battle of the First War of Continuation, the Battle of Nitomia, the Unity's capital planet.

The Sherman wielded the heaviest armament in the entire United States fleet, carrying five PT cannons, sixty-five Culverin missile pods (with ten missiles each), and twelve laser cannon batteries with ten cannons each, and carried a little more than 150 single ships total.

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