Union of Independent Planets
Political information
Type of government

Representative Democracy

Head of Government

Jefferson Davies


Karina Heinemann

Executive branch

Union Council

Legislative branch

Union Council

Judicial branch

Union Supreme Court

Societal information

New Earth

Official language



Galactic Credits

Historical information
Date of establishment

2933 AD

The Union of Independent Planets, known galaxy-wide only as U.I.P., is an alliance between 11 independent worlds. These are Solaris, Camlann, Arc Royal, Backwash, Second Try, Woodstock, Morningside, Phoenix, Cassandra's Lair, Pirate's Haven and New Earth.


Size and location

Member species



The Union is governed by the Union Council, comprised of 2 ambassadors from each world, traditionally headed by the First Ambassador of New Earth. The Council writes out new laws, settles differences between the member-worlds, and control the Union Army and Fleet. Other than that, the planets are wholly independent and are each governed by a planetary ruler.


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