The Union of World Nations (UWN) is an intergovernmental body of international co-operation and development of sustaining peace between the colonial superpowers and other developing independent colonies throughout the galaxy. The Union of World Nations composes of 224 member-planetary states.

As running theme throughout the Starlight Universe, the UWN has been an object of major unpopularity, and controversy regarding its governing status, and how the megacorporations are really in control of its political objectives for world domination, even fears from pro-nationalist colonies of it becoming a global and universal-wide totalitarian dictatorship subjecting planets throughout the inner-solar system to be under its jurisdiction. Some state representatives have even proposed that the UWN should govern all developing colonies as to aim the objective of universal peace and unity.

Representatives from the Council on Intergalactic Relations, such as Evelin Bishop, promote that the UWN should be a world government. The Colonial Sino-Soviet Union are also proponents of universal and international cooperation between nations of the Solar System.


UWN flag 2

Concept of the UWN flag as a totalitarian world state on Mars, with it's flag modeled after Earth.

UWN flag

First proof of concept of the UWN as the Solar Galactic Empire.

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