The United Federation of Usonia Americas and commonly referred to as Usonian Federation was established on July 4th, 2021 as a complete merge with Mexico, North America and Canada. The Federation was establish during the space colonization and according to the National Union Agreement between Canada, North America and Mexico. The Federation also maintains a jurisdiction and governs the extraplanetary colony of Usonia, which would serve as the capital planet and seat of executive authority of Usonia America. Initially it was established as the North American Federation before the colonization of Usonia, and later as the Usonian North American Union after the colonization of the Americas system in the Usonian Sector. Usonia's star system consists of 54 different inhabited planets and moons, and a verity of stars.

Post-World War Three and founding

North America and Usonia




(See Armed Forces of Usonia

International and interplanetary relations


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