Founded 4019 XE

Revolution City, Darukath

Language Neologos
Currency Federation Stellar
Type of government totalitarian oligarchy
Head of state

Leadership Council of the Presidium of the Supreme Assembly of the United Stars Federation

Head of government Premier of the Council of Ministers
Legislature Supreme Assembly
Chief Judicial Body People's High Court of Justice
"Never forgive, never forget, never again! The Revolution will never be safe until all humanity is under united stars!"
—Harrik Svarog, First Party Congress of the National Progressive Party, 0 AR

The United Stars Federation was an interstellar state formed in the 41st century XE in the aftermath of the Darukathian Revolution. Although the United Stars Federation claimed to be a democracy, it was in fact a totalitarian state ruled by the National Progressive Party. The United Stars Federation continued to grow over the centuries until its only true rival was its ancient nemesis, the Xaronese Celestial Empire.



The ultimate genesis of the United Stars Federation was the People's Revolutionary Alliance, a network of various resistance groups against the Darukathian Empire. In 3992 XE, the PRA began an open rebellion against the Darukathian imperial government. The resulting Darukathian Civil War lasted for ten years until it was abruptly cut short by the Xaronese invasion.

The Xaronese onslaught forced the People's Revolutionary Alliance to ally with the imperial government to drive out the Xaronese. Though ostensibly allied with the imperial government, the PRA often made secret deals with the Xaronese to weaken the Darukathian imperial forces. One such secret deal allowed the PRA to take control of Darukath after the Xaronese withdrawal before the Darukathian imperial government had a chance to send a fleet. Upon landing on Darukath, Harrik Svarog proclaimed Darukath to be under the provisional authority of the People's Revolutionary Alliance.

The next year, the Darukathian Empire made an unsuccessful attempt to retake Darukath, restarting the Darukathian Civil War. The People's Revolutionary Alliance eventually triumphed and reformed the Darukathian Empire into the United Stars Federation.

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