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Founded 39th century XE
  • Darukath (De Jure capital)
  • Svarog Prime (Temporary Emergency Capital)
Language Neologos
Currency Federation Stellar
Type of government totalitarian hereditary dictatorship
Head of state
  • President of the United Stars Federation (de jure)
  • Most Senior Comrade of the Revolution (de facto)
Head of government General Secretary of the All-Federation Secretariat
Legislature All-Federation Interstellar Parliament
Judiciary Federation Judicial Commission
"In order to ensure the success of the Revolution, it will be imperative to exterminate the upper ten percent of the population. Only then can the people be guided to embrace the freedom and equality that is their right."
—Harrik Svarog, The People's Struggle, RY -12

The United Stars Federation was an interstellar state formed in the 39th century XE in the aftermath of the Darukathian Revolutionary War. The early years of the United Stars Federation were fraught with bloodshed and civil war culminating in an invasion by the Xaronese Celestial Empire in 3995 XE. The Xaronese onslaught reduced the Federation to two-thirds of its original size and forever traumatized the Federation leadership. Despite it's humble beginnings, the United Stars Federation increased in power over the centuries to become one of the dominant galactic powers of the 51st century.



The United Stars Federation was founded in the aftermath of the Darukathian Revolutionary War. Harrik Svarog, the illegitimate son of a Darukathian prince, led a rebellion to overthrow the Koschei dynasty and the Darukathian Empire. After the Revolution, Svarog served as the first President of the Federation. After serving two terms as president, Svarog retired from politics.

The Great Cultural Realignment

Svarog soon became dissatisfied with the way his successors in the Federation government and the People's Revolutionary Vanguard Party were managing the Revolution and sought to reenter politics. Svarog's ideal of eternal revolution was met with an icy reception by the PRVP's politburo. However, Svarog found a more welcome reception with college youth. In short time, the youths formed Svarog Appreciation Societies on their campuses and started to harass anyone who disagreed with Svarog's Eternal Revolution Paradigm. The Svarog Appreciation Societies were eventually joined by deserters from the United Stars Revolutionary Defense Forces and became a threat to the stability of the Federation government.

The Federation government and People's Revolutionary Vanguard Party sought mollify the rebels by giving Harrik Svarog the empty title of Most Senior Comrade of the Revolution. This calculated attempt to use Svarog as a figurehead backfired in a spectacular fashion when he declared numerous members in the Federation government and the People's Revolutionary Vanguard Party to be counter-revolutionary traitors. The security detail assigned to protect Svarog broke from the USRDF and renamed themselves the Titans. The Titans incorporated the Svarog Appreciation Societies into their structure and soon became a state within the state. Svarog then launched a purge of both party and government and assumed dictatorial powers.

The Xaronese Invasion

In 3995 XE, the United Stars Federation was invaded by its most intractable foe: the Xaronese Celestial Empire. Advanced Xaronese technology, combined with the fact that the United Stars Federation was severely weakened by generations of infighting, meant that the Xaronese onslaught was swift and brutal. In 4099 XE, Admiral Rojixus e Ulrixus tal Shiar captured the Federation capital at Darukath and slaughtered the population in what became known as the Rape of Darukath. The Federation government was forced to flee to Svarog Prime in the Second Great Fallback. After years of fighting, the United Stars Federation and the Xaronese Celestial Empire signed the Xaronese-United Stars Armistice Agreement in 4014 which led to the creation of the Armistice Zone and the loss of nearly a third of the United Stars Federation's pre-war territory. From that moment forward, the United Stars Federation and the Xaronese Celestial Empire would become the most bitter of enemies.

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