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The United States Department of Scientific Research & Development or SRD was founded on July 21, 2019 after U.S. President Patrick Norton signed into law his World Space Exploration Initiative. The Department began full operations in the fall of 2019. The goal of the Department was to consolidate America's vast scientific and technological endeavors and create a central apparatus to further scientific progress.


Nsea space

New patch for the NSEA





OSEA logo






22nd century

23rd century

24th century

25th century


  • Office of the Secretary of Scientific Research and Development
  • Office of Space-Related Activities
    • National Space Exploration Administration (NSEA)- The NSEA was formed out of its predecessor, NASA which retargeted America's space efforts with a two-pronged approach: crewed missions and uncrewed missions.
      Lsro lunar

      LSRO patch

      • Lunar Space Research Organization (LSRO)- The LSRO was established as an extension of the NSEA on the lunar surface in the early 2020s.
  • Office of Oceanic Activities
    • Oceanic Science and Exploration Agency (OSEA)- The OSEA was established due to preceived lack of attention given to the world's oceans as much of the world's focus was on space exploration. It became the first comprehensive national apparatus to research the Earth's oceans.

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