Unity is the sixth book of the Morphers.


When the Morphers are beaten by a Cheetah Organism, it's up for them to elect a leader and work together as a team.


The Morphers are infiltrating a warehouse in order to detect any Organisms. However, Nick accidentally blows their cover by making a sound, causing the workers to reveal their true forms and attack the Morphers. The Morphers plan to change into their battle morphs, but are stopped by Reuben, who tells them that their real intent is not to fight. The others, refuse to listen and morphs, but are outnumbered. After a lengthy battle, Reuben is trapped in a fire until they saved by the others and escape with their lives. Rueben later rebukes the others for not following orders and nearly getting killed in the process, causing a large argument among the group, with the others except for Rachel leaving in anger.

Back at the warehouse, Adam states that the  

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