Unity of the Core Worlds
Political information
Type of government

Theocratic council-run absolute monarchy

Executive branch

Great Council of the Unity

Legislative branch

Convention of Greater and Lesser Governors (rubber stamp/powerless)

Judicial branch


Societal information

Imperial City, Nitomia

Official language
  • Wex
  • English and others


Historical information
Formed from
  • United Realms of Y'tannis
  • Other small federations and tribes
Date of establishment

Roughly 100 AD, 0 AGC (After the Great Coming)

The Unity of the Core Worlds, all known as the United Imperium and commonly shortened to simply the Unity, was an interstellar government that, many centuries after its establishment, became recognized as one of the major galactic powers. It was also the oldest of the galactic powers still in existence around the time of the First Great War in 2401.

Run by a council of three religious leaders with absolute power, the Unity was formed around 100 when Y'tannis, eighty-fifth ruler of the United Realms, claimed to have experienced a vision in which the Nitomian god visited him and predicted Nitomian domination of the galaxy. Issuing a proclamation of the Unity, Y'tannis named two other men of great esteem to rule by his side, ruling in a triumvirate dedicated to the teachings of their religion.

The Great Council would name its successors as soon as they took power, in the event of illness or death -- resignation was not permitted. This council ruled with absolute impunity and power, though in theory were checked by the voice of the Convention of Greater and Lesser Governors -- a "legislature" including every planetary and sector governor in the Unity. De-facto, this Convention served purely as an advisory body, and oftentimes as something even less.

The Unity experienced periodic eras of explosive growth, and after the War of the Yellow Cluster the Unity became recognized by all galactic powers as one of the great powers of the galaxy. The Unity embarked on a war against the United Earth Government in 2401, which surprisingly ended in stalemate. The Unity's failure to defeat the humans brought the latter into the fold of galactic politics and diplomacy, and eventually led to the Second Great War several years later.

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