Coming this far writing the setting for my science fiction project, I'm still hoping to envision and illustrate it as a manga series (Even trying to learn how to draw in old-fashion 1990s format) and hopefully make an anime adaption. I've done some research on the business and publishing scale and was dissatisfied with the fact that even the Original English Manga is limited in career opportunities, and the fact that you'd need to move to Fujiland and chance at an opportunity to submit your work and hopefully have it approved for evaluation and publishing. I was thinking of maybe turning it into an role-playing game, then contract for an anime/manga adaption. But I'm not sure. I've added a good seven years trying to visualize and conceptualize this project and I think has potential as a well-thought out series. I've talked to my mother over some career matters and even she's skeptical when comparing to today's harsh economic reality in any industrial market. Jobs are scarce anywhere, but I still want to hold the hope of seeing light in this work, even if it's only a manga or light novel series. This project has been so far a lifelong project emphasizing on favorite childhood tv and movies, even dedicating a nostalgic value to it. How does anyone else feel on here about their projects? The hope of seeing even a shred of media just to see it come to life out of your head, and putting yourself at ease and seeing your goal play in front of you. What can be done if you had that kind of opportunity? -Signed by T.C Michael.

-Boba fett 32 (talk) 08:54, April 8, 2016 (UTC)

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