So it's been months since my last update, finally after getting most of my college out of the way and nearing graduation, I have more time on hand to finally get my projects going, but a little something has changed over these past weeks. One is that The After War Crisis and my recent 24th Divide will no longer be worked on and will be halted. Rather, I'm deciding to take a few steps back on sticking to my original plan. That is, I'm reviving Star Millennia and re-merging all my characters, settings etc into a space opera theme. The reason being that I don't want to work on several different science fiction series because it's takes too much time to work on one after another. Rather, Star Millennia will be once again my forward vehicle fiction. Also this comes after watching old childhood series like Farescape and finally kicking back on Cowboy Bebop. The series will be focused on a lead character team and this is because I had also planned to include spaceships in the series that I ended up leaving out while working on After War Crisis, which was the original front for a space opera before becoming a dystopian post-apoc fiction.

The characters however will still remain as I've always envisioned. They include Sarah Jane Loveheart, Michael James Stacy, Sparks, Rose, Reese, and of course Evelin Bishop the series antagonist. However, the plot will be altered for this new refit, Sarah still fights in Vietnam now dubbed the Third Indochina War fought during another civil conflict in Nam, the timeframe will be set in the 2070's, and of course the third world conflict that leads up to the events will still take place in the 80's. Also Talia from my work on progress series will also be part of this series but will still have a stand-alone spinoff centering on her.

Earth becomes desolate with waning populations that still live in giant isolated megacities that are also housing spaceports, and now are used to transport civilians to a newly terraformed Mars. New factors are also going to be introduced, including a Fourth Reich that colonnaded on a fictional planet dubbed New Germania. New characters are also going to be introduced, and are from recent drafts that I've written down on my Wordpad.

This will be my dream fiction. It still takes on 1980's/early 1990's outlook and will hopefully be my best writing ever accomplished.

Deletions of my older projects will be tagged soon. So to make way for the new and improved.

Yours truly.


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