Hey it's me T.C, I'm happy to announce that drafts for my science fiction Star Millennia series Star Cop will be in drafting stages. Currently I'm making plot elements for the story Star Cop and more details on the Star Millennia Universe. This article will explain some details on it's development. (SPOILER WARNINGS!)

The series of Star Millennia

Details of the series

The series plot will be yet revealed as the project's starting story is being formulated. Starting with the series Star Cop, it will focus on the main character Sarah Jane Lockheart, a marshal who serves her own code of justice and leads a motley crew of friends travel out to extraordinary adventures and deal against crime and corruption. Star Cop will be one of the leading series that takes place in the Star Millennia universe.

The series prequel Universal Genesis will also feature the main protagonist Xia who is an heir to the High Coronian Royal Throne and is part of the Royal Clan. Xia and her sister join together to fight her family's political rival that threatens to bring tyranny and oppression to the citizens of Coronia. The series will expect more details in it's story in a distant future.

The Legends of Talia is also an interesting series. The protagonist is Talia of a pale skinned species who is exiled from her people only to quest in searching for a new life. The series is in work in progress state and will see new details in the future.

A series focusing on the military of the Empire is also in the works. It's set to focus on a storm trooper named '001' who fights in the everyday battles across the stars and witnesses the hardship of life and death.

Novel series

I do have major plans of creating a novel series, but I have yet to draft any story yet until I seek more time in doing so. But expect more updates in the coming weeks and months.

The possibility of a manga series and outline

I have current difficulty in drawing characters in manga form but I will seek to reach that goal of creating a manga series in the future.

The manga series would take on a mature theme based on seinen form (young adult) with content such as action, adult language, brief nudity, moderate sexual content, graphic situations, comical moments etc etc. The manga will have a potential of interesting themes and a sense of plotting to try and make the reader want to read more. Although it will have an 18+ rating, it's aimed to more wider readers and attract more fans into a community. I am hoping for achieving more skills into doing so of creating of a more exiting action based series of mystery and science fiction.

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