Star Millennia is a dystopian science fiction being written by T.C Michael MillenniumGod101 that centers in a universe of outlaws, alliances, rebellions, and so fourth.

Novels, Ideas

So far, I am starting to write the series of the newly titled The After War Crisis: Post War Effects. The After War Crisis will be one of the primary series to be in the main hub of the series, while a space western will be in the works.

The first entry of the sci fi will be The Pursuit of Justice. On that, I have the first chapter written. I plan it to have at least 20 to 30 chapters, it's going to be a long time before I can actually publish it because I want it to be abundant with interesting and memorable content.

Books are my favorite, but I really want to do manga and anime.

Artwork is another subject. However, I somewhat lack the skills of providing any detail. It does not have to be perfect, but I dislike sloppy and shitty handwork that's gone to waste. I see some people nowadays edit and Photoshop existing images or art and claim it as their own. I dislike that. I'm more original and I will see to it that I can provide better and detailed drawings and sketches in the near future.

Being that I am studying in criminal justice and I do want to become a lawyer, I also want to have something else to do in life as well.

I'm really dedicated to see this project come to life. I will not put half of my early life to waste just to bring an end to something I've actually enjoyed building and writing. I'm a sucker for the old school action and absolute kick ass films I've watched, now I feel that I can actually make a story that can combine and descend from them.


Star Millennia will have a timeline of events covered in other series. The After War Crisis will cover the Perfect Fury trilogy, Post War Effects, and an unnamed series. A third series will be possible.

So far The After War Crisis: Post War Effects will be the primary bridge of the series and will kinda don homages to Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star, and several mecha series, but with elements from action films, martial arts, ect. Cyberpunk will be prevalent, and so will dystopian elements covering post apoc and a bit of Spaghetti Western traits.


Although I have limited time, but over the weekdays I am adding some new content in the novel and I may even have to get rid of some articles that are outdated and change of content in existing ones (Of course!).


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