It's been hard between this and last year. But I have made progress on my science fiction project Toward Starlight's End and I am writing up more ideas and further conceptualizing this venture. I just came up with a proof of concept invested in a new title card as shown on the main article. It's in progress, and new changes have been made on my draft. Currently planning to drat four chapters at some point and I want to really develop skills in drawing manga and manifest this science fiction as a light graphic novel or as a webcomic. I've work hard writing this and I would be sad to see it not be fully realized. Also I am going to once again update the main page with a new plot description and other information regarding current events. My aim for the science fiction is to further exploit popularity in retrofuturism, the only kind of science fiction I seem to enjoy more, and just to build a science fiction that I've wholeheartely enjoyed writing.

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