It's another season of the Superbowl. But the events also lie a very sinister agenda: Pushing more gun control on the masses. Using the Sandy Hook children as propaganda tools to manipulate us so that we can compromise on our own rights, The Second Amendment. Even Micheal Bloomberg and others are shoving their evil agenda through ads for more gun control (AKA to restrict our own rights for communism). It is no surprise that an event like this would try to bring the attention to the masses as a manipulation for them to compromise indeed. Most people are in fact willing to even consider such purpose as a means of control and dominance over We he People. If people do seek such measures then the very fight that took place almost 200 years ago was for nothing. The Sandy Hook tragedy is being used as an offense to our rights, our liberty, and our morals as citizens. I do feel sorry for those lost, but things happen with or without reason and we cannot let them control us. My rights benefit me from such tragedies and I will never give them up over anything. I believe that my ancestors wanted better then we deserve. Why should 26 lives be compared to the larger number of our families and friends who fought for this country and rights only for them to be diminished by events that have nothing to do with our rights? I believe that's something we should ask ourselves. Peace and Freedom to all, God Bless-Boba fett 32 (talk) 23:40, February 3, 2013 (UTC)

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