aka C. R. Hayes

  • I live in Houston
  • I was born on October 14
  • My occupation is playwright, theologian, philosopher
  • I am male
  • Rojixus

    Great news, ladies and gentlemen! I have requested and received the use of the portal namespace for this wiki. What does that mean for you? It means that you will be better able to organize your work and keep it all gathered in one place. I believe this is exactly what CSFW needs to become one of the preeminent of all wikis.

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  • Rojixus

    New Project Announced

    July 11, 2015 by Rojixus

    I've had this setting rattling in my mind for a while:

    It is the 24th century. Humanity is just now recovering from the devastation of a meteor impact known as Rockfall. In this new and chaotic world, a new generation of people have arisen. Some want to exploit this post apocalyptic world for their own ends. And others just want to finish what the meteors started and put humanity out of its misery.

    Our protagonist, Herodotus M. "Hero" Black, doesn't care about any of that! He just wants to travel to this strange and marvelous place called "Disneyland". He doesn't know anything about it, but it sounds like fun. Problem is, Disneyland is on the opposite side of the continent and there is the afforementioned tyrants, death cults, and all sorts …

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  • Rojixus

    It has recently come to my attention that there is a phenomena on this very wiki that I have dubbed "Edit Spamming".

    Edit spamming refers to making a large amount of minor or otherwise inconsequential edits in a short amount of time so that their edit counts can be artificially inflated for whatever reason. This practice is utterly dishonest and makes a mockery of the efforts of other, more earnest editors. We cannot permit this inexcusable behavior continue.

    Effective immediately, I am demanding as admin of this wiki that all minor edits be marked as such. What are minor edits? Minor edits are superficial edits such as correcting spelling and grammar or changing categories.

    Additionally, if I find that a user is making multiple minor edits i…

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  • Rojixus

    Welcome to the second installation of Author's Notes. I know I was supposed to talk about the mood and tone of the setting but I felt the final draft wasn't up to snuff. That topic will resurface some other time but for now, how about a behind the scenes look at the Teggedon Spiral.

    The Teggedon Spiral is the eponymous galaxy where The Teggedon Spiral Chronicles take place. Like a galaxy in a certain other franchise, the Teggedon Spiral is a galaxy far, far away from Earth. This wasn't always the case, however. In earlier drafts, the Teggedon Spiral was meant to be another name for our own Milky Way galaxy. However, by setting the story in a distant galaxy, I felt I could avoid overlapping with another setting I'm working on (Saga of the War…

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  • Rojixus

    To those of you wondering where I've gone off to, I'm here to tell you that I'm still here. I've been inactive on this wiki because I'm redeveloping The Teggedon Spiral Chronicles into a new phase known as the Third Paradigm. This continuity will be a refinement of the Second Paradigm, i.e. the continuity most of you are used to, so it won't be radically different. I'm doing this to streamline the storytelling process in anticipation of actually writing stories.

    In addition, I will also be producing blogposts like this that explain aspects of the setting such as characters, tech, musings, and so on. The first post will be on Friday and it will be about Rojixus tal Shiar. That's it for now, see you all Friday.

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