Welcome to the second installation of Author's Notes. I know I was supposed to talk about the mood and tone of the setting but I felt the final draft wasn't up to snuff. That topic will resurface some other time but for now, how about a behind the scenes look at the Teggedon Spiral.

The Teggedon Spiral is the eponymous galaxy where The Teggedon Spiral Chronicles take place. Like a galaxy in a certain other franchise, the Teggedon Spiral is a galaxy far, far away from Earth. This wasn't always the case, however. In earlier drafts, the Teggedon Spiral was meant to be another name for our own Milky Way galaxy. However, by setting the story in a distant galaxy, I felt I could avoid overlapping with another setting I'm working on (Saga of the Warring Space States, coming to a wiki near you!).

Before I settled on the name of the galaxy, other names considered were: the Galaxy of Terror, the Blood Trail Galaxy and the Hadean Spiral. The reason I didn't go with those names was because they would tip the reader off too early on the dystopian nature of the civilizations featured therein. With "Teggedon Spiral", the reader has no idea what they're getting into. At this point, you're probably asking "where the hell did you get the name Teggedon from?" The answer is surprisingly simple: I made it up on the spot.

That's it for this week's Author's Notes. See you here next week for the next informative installment! 

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