I've had this setting rattling in my mind for a while:

It is the 24th century. Humanity is just now recovering from the devastation of a meteor impact known as Rockfall. In this new and chaotic world, a new generation of people have arisen. Some want to exploit this post apocalyptic world for their own ends. And others just want to finish what the meteors started and put humanity out of its misery.

Our protagonist, Herodotus M. "Hero" Black, doesn't care about any of that! He just wants to travel to this strange and marvelous place called "Disneyland". He doesn't know anything about it, but it sounds like fun. Problem is, Disneyland is on the opposite side of the continent and there is the afforementioned tyrants, death cults, and all sorts of things out there standing in the way. Will Hero make it to this mythical Disneyland or will our hero perish in the attempt? Run, don't walk, to your nearest computer screen to warch the continuing adventures of Hero Black in...


If anyone wants to help me flesh out this setting, feel free to comment below!

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