Ladies and gentlemen, when I became administrator of this wiki I promised to give this wiki new life. Where once CSFW was a half-dead husk, I have renovated it and brought in new contributors. I couldn't have done this alone however, I thank you all for your persistant interest in this wiki. A wiki without contributors is a house without a family, a refrigerator without food, an engine without fuel. As administrator, I try to make this wiki one of the most advanced in the wikia infosphere. To that end, I have added things such as the chat, comment sections for the articles and the Message Wall in place of the old talk pages as well as a new background.

There are those who reject the new and more effective changes and cling to the old and inefficient ways. I would say to those people to let themselves get used to the changes, they'll find all the changes I have made are for the best and are superior in every way to what we had before. Don't let the false change Barack Obama promised fool you, sometimes change can be beneficial. Rejoice in these changes, for CSFW will rise to new heights the likes of which the old administrator could never imagine!

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