Time for the Weekly Address folks. I noticed this week that a couple of new users have made contributions to this wiki. They haven't yet registered so I can't tell you their usernames but their contributions are welcomed. For our wiki to grow, we need more new blood around here. Keep up your dedication ladies and gentlemen, I know our wiki is the best around because this wiki has a camaraderie other wikis simply don't have. We here at CSFW are like a family, we enjoy inspiring and being inspired by the other contributors. I see only great things for this wiki's future. It has been nearly two years since I became this wiki's administrator. When I found CSFW, it had been abandoned by its creator and wiki vandals ran wild. The homepage and terms of service were antiquated and in dire need of repairs. Needless to say, this wiki has undergone a renaissance that has only just begun. With your help, Creative Sci-Fi Wiki wil be without equals. That's it for now guys, see you next week. Rojixus (talk) 00:49, September 22, 2012 (UTC)

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