It's time for the Weekly Address at its new time. As you all know by now, astronaut Neil Armstrong has died at the age of 82. We will surely miss this legendary adventurer and never forget his role in the late great Space Race. As for the Teggedon Spiral Chronicles and the Basilisk Saga, I plan to wield the two settings together. The Celestials will be renamed Terrans and they will be us, humanity. I'd give you more info but that would be spoilers. Lastly, I happened to find on the main wikia site a way to make CSFW more notable. Thing is, I need to find a picture that best represents our wiki. I ask you all to add more pictures to this wiki so that I may pick the best one by the last friday in september. The winner will be given credit for the picture and will receive a place on my List of Honor. That said, that's all for this week guys, adios! Rojixus (talk) 01:40, September 1, 2012 (UTC)

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