New Name: New Genesis

Okay, so far I usually got stuck with the idea for the name Babylon Chronicles for ages but after a chat with my tutor who thinks it may need a different name due to having similiar names like Babylon 5. So when I made an idea of 'New Genesis' it might fit perfectly due to some characters having unique abilities like in the comics for example, wanna make it stand out among the rest.

Story plots

Well there will be multiple plots in it as its going to be a expanding universe from Earth to the galaxy, and maybe beyond depends how I go. divided into sages such as the Society saga and the Army of Light project novels.

For the Society series, it takes place on a current time period on Earth were, unknown to the public and almost all known governments an organization called the Society is in a long struggling war against another who are an alien species of parasites that have secretly taken controll of most the human race without them knowing it after some accident when they crash landed, calling themselves the Death Hunters who have manipulated the human species through media and make them fight amongst eaach other to advance their civilizations through experiment and to further develop their technology to re-establish contact with their species when they return to the Milky way galaxy. It starts off with a group who were brought together in the secret war, though they wont get along at first until the group learn of each other throughout the saga.

earth as it has four native races instead of one which humans are oblivious to their existence today; Djinn, Lemurian an Kronan Ree who are aware of the war.


So far it will have a cyber-punk theme with advanced tech the Society will have from the help of reversed alien technology which may be a few years ahead of Earth's current development. Mainly a science fantasy and alternate history slightly, and for the fantasy part it will have do to the characters having powers related to magic but something like Star wars, Warehouse 13, sanctuary and warhammer 40k as examples. Besides with levels of technology some could be considered magic by human understand but to alien races they see it as science beyond understanding.

I will have more to add soon and if you have questions feel free and critics are welcome to help build ideas.

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