"parhelion noun, plural parhelia (Meteorology). 1. a bright circular spot on a solar halo; a mock sun: usually one of two or more such spots seen on opposite sides of the sun, and often accompanied by additional luminous arcs and bands."


The years is now 2270CE, and man has finally begin leaving Earth to colonise the Solar System. Most of the world has been reduced to polluted wastelands dotted with the remnants of the wars of the eight powers, now merely a shell of their former selves in the 20th century, while Asia is now a patchwork smaller warring states, bearing allegiance to either the Pacific Entity for Unity and Reform and the Celestial Empire of Dawn.

Even so, mankind looks up to the stars for his ultimate refuge and salvation. All that is left was for mankind to gather the resources required to escape the shattered Earth and move beyond the stars...even as the planet dies, mankind is now being reborn elsewhere. Colonies have been set up throughout the inner planets of the Solar System as the four major powers of earth begin the transition towards becoming true interplanetary civilisations.

Yet, this cannot go on, for even now the Solar System is running out of space for the four great powers. They will either have to leave it for good...or fight and conquer one another to survive.

The major factions



Imp auroral


Gmv salv

de Salviatia

Confed vidal

Confederación de

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