A vactrain (or vacuum tube train) is a very-high-speed rail transportation. It is a maglev (magnetic levitation) line using evacuated (air-less) or partly evacuated tubes or tunnels. The lack of air resistance permit vactrains to travel at very high speeds—up to 8,000 km/h, which is 5 times the speed of sound—using relatively little power.

Vacuum trains mundo

Vactrain Global Network

When the first line was inaugurated in 2169, the trip between New York and London took less than half an hour, surpassing aircraft as the world's fastest mode of public transportation (hypersonic flights need further preparation, thus making the time travel between those two cities up to 1h 20m).


Vactrain design

Many thought that air and low orbit transportation would get obsolete with this new kind of transportation, but huge costs and difficulties in logistics restrained this kind of transportation to very long distance travel only and for urgencies only. For example, there are no services between Buenos Aires and São Paolo, vactrain ticket would cost ₵8.000, while airplane or regular maglev train cost ₵500 each; but there are daily trains going from Mexico City to São Paolo, with stops at Manaus Space Port and Panama.

The system has been nicknamed World Metro

Currently there are no plans to built such a network nor a single line anywhere outside Earth, since the costs would be so much for relatively small colonial populations. In words of the former Councilor Howard Yamashida "Building such a network of vactrains in –lets say Mars or Imvusa, would be like building a subway system to service a hamlet".

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