The Val Kitauri are a bipedal species hailing from their homeworld, Atakka. They are known for their large size and their heads resemble that to Earth Hammerhead sharks, although mostly aggressive by nature, more powerful than humans but well known for their code of honor and their ability to adapt to almost any environment.

The Val Kitauri expanded accross several star systems and colonized suitable planets for their species to thrive, and accepted trade relations with some species they conside allies and non-hostile to the Val Kitauri Dominion such as the Chenuan Empire and the Holy Kimeran Empire.


Despite that Val Kitauri do not require much clothing due to their bodies adapted to the climate on their homeworld, but are accustom to wear clothing based on their status; armor for the military, ceromonial ropes for the Royal and religious status, and little for the civilians to werar whenever they leave their planet but usually wear protecting attire if needing to.

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