Valentina Borodin is a Russian propulsion engineer and Russian Federal Space Agency astronaut, currently serving as Mission commander for the Wanderer mission.

Background and career information

Borodin was born in Yekaterinburg but raised outside in a small village near the Ural Mountains. Her parents were scientists working for the newly established Russian Federation space program. She graduated in 2033 at the top of her class at the UFU. This aided in her being scouted by the RFSA but she did not succeed in her petition of the Astronaut Corps. She was, however, selected by the World Space Commission to participate as the Wanderer's Mission Commander. The Wanderer will be her first expedition into space, by the time she returns from space, she will have had more time in space than most first-time astronauts ever acquire.


Borodin is an only child, she is unmarried and identifies as being bisexual and possibly hypersexual. In her free time, she paints, takes photos and fiddles with electronics. She loves to participate as a mountaineer near her village back home in Russia.

The crew manual states that she is the only astronaut lacking an extensive music collection.

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