The voidals are familiars created by Eris, created from her experiments on Void energies and vampires. The result was a creature that feeds off all kinds of matter and energy and gain any properties of what it consumes. They are currently active and serve Eris as her personal army.


The voidals are the creation of Eris, Goddess of Discord, eager to succeed where Apophis had failed; the creation of a new race to replenish Chaos' forces. She captured numerous vampires and altered them using an orb artifact with void energies. As with all experiments, the earliest specimens were unstable. These creatures could only drain up to a certain amount of energy before exploding. Despite being failures, they were considerably dangerous and powerful. Eventually, she managed to create a stable specimen, Manducava. From there, Eris took to the next step, propagation. Realizing that altering vampires into voidals was too slow for time, she decided that the voidals would have to breed in order to quickly muster a powerful army. To date, she has succeeded in creating a few fertile specimens.


Voidals are winged humanoid creatures, with large wings similar to those of manta rays. Their faces are horrible in appearance, and can open to reveal a monstrous, leech-like mouth to drain energy from a source. Their skin has a violet or purplish tint to it, which glows at night. Despite being created from vampires, they are not undead. The void energies have altered their physiology and revived them into living creatures.

Voidals are always hungry and will not hesitate to feed off their own kin if they starve. Voidals can shapeshift, but only into creatures that they have consumed, as they require a creature's DNA to morph. Voidals gain properties of what the last thing they have eaten, and are immune to attacks which are made of the same object that they have devoured.

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