Vulcan Empire
Political information
Type of government

Constitutional Monarchy

Founding document

Avian Sanctuary Proclamation


Order of Avians

Head of State

Supreme Lord Ta 'Yawha

Head of Government

Empress Tzh 'Falu


Supreme Warmaster Rh 'Kawder

Executive branch

Supreme House of Lords

Legislative branch

Supreme High Inquisition

Judicial branch

Supreme Magistrate Inquisitor

Societal information
Official language

Standard Vulcan


Vulcan Pound

State religious body

Ren 'Hanhuta

National holiday

Avian Proclamation Day, New Years

Historical information
Formed from

Regional Avian-Reptilian Empires

The Vulcan Empire was establish after the Vulcan civil war and the end of the Avian Unification War.

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