Historic Eras

There are 10 different Eras to the timeline, the 7th of which is "present time", for the sake of convenience.

  • First Era - Everything from the formation of the universe to the real present (beginning of 21st century)
  • Second Era - From the present and the near future to approximately 2400. The end of this era is marked by the first colony that was established outside the Solar System.
  • Third Era - 2400 until 3200. End of era marked by the end of the First Inner War (between the Imperium and the Alliance + Union)
  • Fourth Era - 3200 until 5000. Charactarized by the rule of the General Planetary Alliance and the Solar Imperium.
  • Fifth Era - 5000 until 5300. Charactarized by the rule of the Hive.
  • Sixth Era - 5300 until 7000. The great Dark Age of mankind.
  • Seventh Era - 7000 until ???. Humans are once again united and very powerful. Charactarized by the wars against the Nec'Toom.
  • Eigth-Tenth Eras - UNKNOWN

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