A relatively small nation, with above-average population, situated in the Malten region.


After leading a early life of relative banality, its inhabits mostly sticking to farming a rudimentary accountancy. It was one of many planets bullied into housing Malten arms during the Spiteful Wars (which went on for something like 40 years). After the war, their planet was a little tarnished but repairable, and the Waltreiak people begrudgingly got back to business as usual.

However, due to old-fashioned luck and gumption Waltreiak was able too flourish into a very successful neutral global economy, especially in crystallite faming, so much so both Matenvess and the Tri-Alliance camps wanted to foster trading lines with it. It resisted, however, spurred by the mess the Maltens had made of their planet during the wars, yet wary of harboring ties with another, similar nation especially as much of their population were Malten descended. This changed, however, during Reich Misen.

Riech Misen

Waltreiak was previously one of the Maltenvess daughter colonies, but had since sought independence, taking with them a large chunk of the newly-emerging cryst power supplies. Matenvess wanted to regain control before this boom market could be properly exploited. Also, Waltreiak was under Portman power at the time, a party who had been the chief voice against Maltenvess in previous elections, and also currently held inheritable control of the crystalline silos. In nutshell, the Matens attacked, and lost, driving the Waltreiak into the arms of another, the Tri-Alliance.

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