Starship odyssey

Spacecraft Wanderer, conceptual art, circa 2032

The Wanderer is an interplanetary vessel ferrying seven astronauts on a six-year mission across the Solar System.

The Wanderer has many modules, separated by bulkheads. Crew quarters and dining areas are the only sections of the ship to not require artificial gravity as they are located at the end of long rotating arms that provide gravity via centrifugal force.

Crew of the Wanderer


Position Crewmember Nation Space Program Sex
Mission Commander Valentina Borodin Russian Federation RFSA F
Mission Pilot Olson Hale United States USAF/NASA M
Chief Engineer Jocelyn Ramirez United States NASA F
Chief Science Officer Stephanie Larson Canada CSA F
Science Specialist#1- Exobiologist Xiang T'ang People's Republic of China CNSA F
Science Specialist#2-Exogeologist Henri Lacroix Europe- France ESA/CNES M
Science Specialist#3- Botanist Kadeen Nejad Europe- United Kingdom ESA/UKSA M


  • VENUS: Capricorn balloon. Aquarius probe.
  • MARS: Pisces lander. Aries rover. Taurus buggy. Gemini drones.
  • JUPITER: Cancer-Europa undersea drill. Leo lander/colony.
  • SATURN: Virgo-Titan lander. Libra-Enceladus probe. Scorpio glider.
  • PLUTO: Sagittarius lander.
  • COMET: Ophiuchus module with micro-gripper probe.


Wanderer's design will take inspiration from the Arrow/Longbow as seen in Kerbel Space Program. Complete with an interplanetary ring, an atmospheric glider, fuel pods, comms, RCS thrusters, hull plating, solar panels, H20 pods, thermonuclear engine, navigational pods. SSTO/VTOL craft.

The Wanderer was constructed in low-Earth orbit at Spacedock.

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