324px-Flag of Antarctica (Smith) svg

Flag of Western Antarctica

Political information
Type of government

Representative corporate democracy

Founding document

January 13, 2049


October 11, 2051

Head of State

President of Western Antarctica

Head of Government

President of Western Antarctica


President of Western Antarctica

De facto leader

Current president

Executive branch

Office of the President of Western Antartica

Legislative branch

Antarctic Congress

Judicial branch

Supreme Court of Antarctica

Societal information

Hope City

Official language

Spanish, English, Norwegian


Antarctic dollar

Historical information
Date of establishment


Western Antarctica was an Antarctic nation located on the planet Earth's south polar region established from the former territories of the Argentine Antarctic, the British Antarctic, the Chilean Antarctic, the Norwegian settlement on Peter I Island, and the Ross Dependency of New Zealand in 2054.


A ban on the mining of coal, hydrocarbons, iron ore, platinum, copper, chromium, nickel, gold and other minerals was in effect from 1998 to 2048, however, due to increased climate change, a referendum was held and the ban was repealed. However, a ban on fishing was initiated to prevent contamination of the local ecosystems, many relocated animal life had been taken to many zoos and aquariums, some in Hope City and Port Williams. Tourism was the number one industry in the country. Research bases are plentiful and some have even opened their doors to tourists as museums.

In 2051, the signing and ratification of the Port Williams Bill of Rights and Duties of the Antarctic Territory, led to the colonization of the Antarctic continent.


  • Executive:
  • Legislative:
  • Judicial:
  • Military:
  • Gendarmarie:

List of Presidents of Western Antartica

Elections in Western Antarctica are held every 4 years in the summer of their election year, with inauguration beginning in the fall, usually November.

  1. (2054-2062): 2 term, founder.
  1. (2062-2066): 1 term, co-founder
  1. (2066-2070): 1 term, founder's 3rd term
  1. (2070-2078): 2 term financier
  1. (2078-2083)*: died in the plague of 2083
  1. (2083-2086): carried out former presidents term
  1. (2086-2090): 1 term
  1. (2090-2092)* died in office of old age
  1. (2092-2093)* resigned due to scandal
  1. (2093-2094) carried out former presidents term
  1. (2094-2102) 2 term, optimistic
  1. (2102-2110)
  1. (2110-2114): 1 term, due to national support of belt wars
  1. (2114-2118)*: Assassinated due to support of belt wars, by a rival
  1. (2118-2130): Longest presiding president, served former presidents term as well as 2 of his own
  1. Unknown. Results of May 2130 election.

See also

  • List of cities in Western Antarctica
  • East Antarctica is a separate nation, formed after Western Antarctica's inception, out of the Australian, Norwegian and French claims on the continent.

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