Wolfstab's Raiders
General information

Lucius Wolfstab


Lucius Wolfstab III


Chaos March



Historical information

3021 AD

Other information

Calandrian Empire

Wolfstab's Raiders was formed in 2692, a year after the Shadow War, by Lucius Wolfstab, a retired MAU pilot. He recruited likeminded individuals within Clan Death, and subsequently offered his services to Lord Lei'land Kar, Leader of Clan Death. Only members of Clan Death are recruited to Wolfstab's Raiders. The unit is supported by Clan Death, and are loyal to the clan rather than the Empire.

The unit consists of 50 MAUs divided into companies of ten, each of which is divided into squadrons of three.

They are currently deployed in the Xiros sector, in a campaign against the Shammatans.

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