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World Space Exploration Initiative (later the World Space Commission) is an international space launch, global satellite coordination and public outreach organization pooled together from many of the world's space agencies.

Emblem of the World Space Exploration Initiative


For much of the latter half of the twentieth century and early twenty-first century, the disparate space agencies made piecemeal efforts at space exploration. However, in 2030s, the nations of the world finally decided to band together for greater association between space efforts. The World Space Exploration Initiative was born. It later evolved into the World Space Commission complete with it's own chairman and lead commissioner. Its headquarters is located in London, England.

List of participant nations

  • United States (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)
  • Russia (Russian Federal Space Agency)
  • Europe (European Space Agency, includes France's CNES, Germany's DLR, Italy's ASI, UK's UKSA, Spain's INTA, Netherlands' NSO, Sweden's SNSB, Switzerland's SSO)
  • Japan (Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency)
  • China (Chinese National Space Administration)
  • Canada (Canadian Space Agency)
  • India (Indian Space Research Organization)
  • Korea (Korean Aerospace Research Institute)
  • Ukraine (State Space Agency of Ukraine)
  • Argentina (CoNAE)
  • Iran (Iranian Space Agency)
  • Brazil (AEB)
  • South Africa (SANSA)

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