Planetary Habitability Index 75/100
Location Sethorus System, Sokhaji Arm, Alpha Sextant
Moons 3: Klaatu, Baradda, Nikto
Demonym Xaronese

75 billion (98% ethnic Xaronese; 2% other)

Gravity 1 xarograv
Length of day 10 durats
Length of year 435 local days
Affiliation Holy Xaronese Empire
"Xaron is not for the weak, you either grow up strong or you don't grow up at all."
—Ancient Xaronese saying

Xaron was the capital planet of the Holy Xaronese Empire and homeworld of the Xaronese



Xaron was one of many planets terraformed by the Celestials and colonized with humans brought to the Teggedon Spiral. Over time, the humans on Xaron evolved into a distinct subspecies and developed their own cultures. The culture that would form the nucleus of the Holy Xaronese Empire arose around 2000 years BXE around the Lake Yavanna region. By 400 BXE, the Lake Yavanna culture had expanded throughout the Xaronese continent and founded a multitude of feuding kingdoms.

Xaronese Era

The Xaronese continent was unified in 1 XE by the warlord Straxus the Conqueror. Although Straxus would later die in 20 XE, the Holy Xaronese Empire would vastly outlive him. The Holy Xaronese Empire expanded over the years until it completely covered the planet by 1900 XE. The Xaronese made their first foray into space in 1947 XE when they sent manned expeditions to Xaron's moons. The Xaronese Empire expanded to other planets after the conquest of the neighboring planet Xaron Minor in 2010 XE.

Xaron was beseiged by the Mycelerian Order-State during the Mycelerian Crusade. If not for the actions of Hydraxes Trask and King Seijixus e Draxus Tal'Shiar, Xaron would have fallen to the Mycelerians.


The habitable surface of Xaron was comprised of one large supercontinent called Greater Xarony. 

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