Scientific name Homo sapiens xaronus
Homeworld Xaron
Language Imperial Xaronese Basic
Average height 1.7 to 2.4 meters
Average mass 110 kilograms
Skin colors fair to dark brown
Eye colors gold, blue, red, brown, green, grey, black
Hair colors black, brown, blond, red
Average lifespan 86 standard years (131 with rejuvenation treatments)
Distinctions pointed ears, prominent canine teeth, genetic predisposition towards aggressiveness.

The Xaronese (Homo sapiens xaronus), also known as the Chosen Race or the Children of Xaryas, were a human offshoot race native to the planet Xaron in the Alpha Sextant. Feared throughout the galaxy, the Xaronese were known across the Teggedon Spiral for their love of battle and thirst for conquest. By the 41st century XE, Xaronese were the most common subspecies of humans.

Physiology and appearance

The Xaronese were a proud and warlike subspecies of humanity descended from humans transported to the galaxy by the Celestials. A hardy and resilient race, Xaronese were able to withstand trauma that would kill other humans and were biologically predisposed towards violence and aggression.

Appearance-wise, Xaronese had pointed ears and prominent canine teeth with sharp, angular features. Common Xaronese hair colors were black, brown, blond, and red; common eye colors were gold, brown, red, grey, black, blue, and green. The majority of Xaronese had light brown skin although darker and lighter shades were not uncommon. Xaronese were typically taller and had more muscular builds than other humans, reaching an average height of 1.7 to 2.4 meters and an average weight of 110 kilograms.


Early History

The ancestors of the Xaronese were transported to Xaron around 150,000 BXE by the Celestials. These transplanted humans eventually evolved into modern Xaronese and formed cultures of their own. The natural aggression of the Xaronese led to almost constant conflicts between various Xaronese nations. In 1 XE, the Holy Xaronese Empire was formed after the unification of the Xarony subcontinent by the young conqueror Straxus the Terrible. Although Straxus the Terrible was killed in 42 XE, the empire he founded continued to expand until the entire planet was conquered in the 18th century XE. The planet was named Xaron in honor of the Imperial Family, House Xaron.

Into Space

The Xaronese developed manned spaceflight during the 19th century XE, sending manned expeditions to each of Xaron's moons by the end of the century. These early expeditions were in fact stepping stones to the Empire's ultimate objective: the exploration and conquest of the neighboring planet Xaron Minor.


Xaronese culture was intensely religious and militaristic. The Xaronese believed their culture was the absolute pinnacle of civilization and all other cultures were depraved and barbaric. Xaronese placed the highest value on strength and despised weakness. Those deemed to weak to defend themselves such as the sick or injured were usually euthanized to preserve their honor.


The main religion practiced by the Xaronese was Xaronism. Xaronism was an animistic polytheistic religion with no single theology and many different sects. Most sects recognized the Xaronomicon as holy scripture.

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