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Imperial Flag of Xaron
Founded 1 XE
Capital Khet'Xaron, Xaron
Language Xaronese
Currency Xaromark
Type of government
  • Theocratic Absolute Monarchy (de jure)
  • Military Dictatorship (de facto)
Head of state God-Emperor of Xaron
Head of government Warmaster of Xaron
Judiciary Imperial Chamber Court
"Worship the God-Emperor and subdue the barbarians! Military strength is national strength!"
—Imperial Cult slogan.

The Xaronese Celestial Empire was one of the most powerful states in the Teggedon Spiral. The empire was originally one of countless states on its homeworld that expanded to rule the entire planet and, with the advent of warp drive, later expanded to conquer space. The Xaronese Celestial Empire and the United Systems Federation had a long-standing hatred of one another that directly led to the Galactic War.


The Xaronese Celestial Empire was created by Straxus the Conqueror after the unification of the warring Xaronese kingdoms in the Unification War in 1 XE. By the time of Straxus the Conqueror's death in 14 XE, the Xaronese Celestial Empire covered a substantial portion of the Xaronese subcontinent.

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