Zetarean Age (ZA or Z.A.), After Zetarean Age (AZA or A.Z.A.), and Before Zetarean Age (BZA or B.Z.A.), are designations used to label years used with the Zetarean calendar. It is similar to but different from Anno Domini (AD or A.D.) and Before Christ (BC or B.C.).


Zetareans add exactly 6,000 years to the Anno Domini year number and append Zetarean Age to the Gregorian calendar year; for example, 2012 is 8012 ZA. For After Zetarean Age, they subtract 6000 years.

This calendar era, which would probably designate 6000 BC as 0 ZA, has been used since the 20th century (80th century ZA) as a simplification of the Anno Domini era dating system used on the Gregorian and Julian calendars.

Equivalent Gregorian/Zetarean years

30,000 BC = 24,000 BZA

10,000 BC = 4000 BZA

6000 BC = 0 ZA

2012 = 8012 ZA

2980 = 8980 ZA

3000 = 9000 ZA

1,000,000 = 0 AZA

1,000,000,000 = 999,994,000 AZA

1,000,000,000,000 = 999,999,994,000 AZA

100,000,000,000,000 = 99,999,999,994,000 AZA

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